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Item SKU Price Qty
Kickit Soccer Tennis Ball Case Pack (50 units)

STB50 $625.00
Kickit Trainer Case Pack (24 units) - Red

KKT-24RED $216.00
Kickit Pro-Trainer - Black & Red Case Pack (48 units)

KKP01-48 $432.00
Kickit Soccer Tennis Game Set Case Pack (4 units)

KSTGS-4 $166.00
Kickit Sport Pack Case Pack (3 units)

KKSPB1-3 $164.97
Kickit Soccer-Tennis PE Programs
from $299.99
20 Student PE Bundle
KSTPE20 $449.99
40 Student PE Bundle
KSTPE40 $899.99
20 Student PE Ball Bundle
STB20 $299.99

30964728528962 $14.99
Kickit Soccer Tennis Pro Set Case Pack (4 units)

KSTGS-PRO-4 $259.96
Kickit Trainer Small Case Pack (12 units)
KT-BLCK-12 $108.00
KT-BLU-12 $108.00
KT-PURP-12 $108.00
4345815833 $108.00
Kickit Soccer Tennis Ball Small Case Pack (12 Units)

KSTB-12 $150.00
Kickit Inferno Soccer Tennis Case Pack (4 units)

KSTGS-LED-4 $259.96
Kickit Inferno Soccer Tennis Ball Small Case Pack (12 Units)

KSTB-LED-12 $239.88